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Know regarding Modafinil

Modafinil is a nootropic smart drug that has various benefits in cognitive effects. That include:
. Alertness
. Focus
. Enhances Wakefulness
. Mood Enhancement

Modafinil vs Armodafinil?

The main difference between Modafinil and armodafinil that Armodafinil incorporates mainly R-modafinil is stronger by several means that and on the opposite hand Modafinil consists of each R-modafinil and s-modafinil.

What kinds of side effects from Modafinil?

side effects are rare from modafinil, still following are the cases that has found:. Headache. Nausea. Insomnia. Nervousness. Loss of appetite. Weight loss. Dry mouth. diarrhea


What is Modafinil? and its overview.

Modafinil is a nootropic drug that has different benefits in psychological impacts. Which include:
. Sharpness
. Focus
. Alertness
. Mood Booster

Modafinil vs Armodafinil?

The main difference between Modafinil and armodafinil that Armodafinil consists mainly
R-modafinil is stronger by any means, and on the other hand, Modafinil consists of both R-
modafinil and s-modafinil.

Dosage of Modafinil and Armodafinil

Dosage of modafinil are categories by 50mg 100mg 200 mg and in Armodafinil by 75mg to 150 mg

Know if the modafinil is safe?

Modafinil is a very safe substance but usually avoided by pregnant and lactic women, children and people above 65 years of age.

Know if there any side effects from modafinil?

Side effects are rare from modafinil, still following are the cases which have found:
. Headache
. Vomiting
. Insomnia
. Nervousness
. Lack of appetite
. Weight loss
. Dry mouth
. Diarrhea

Know if modafinil link with any other drugs or medication?

We are not qualified to advise on this topic; we highly suggest considering your doctor regarding this.

Know whether your data is protected with us?

We take security and privacy to be our main concern. We use modern technology and encrypted algorithms to ensure your personal information stays safe and secure with us.

What other medicines do we sell?

We have a wide range of medicines available. We also sell drugs on customers request. Please click here for further details.

Payment methods we accept.

We suggest you to use bitcoin to make all the payments. This payment method is quick and adds no extra fees.
We also accept ethereum, bitcoin cash & litecoin used as a third party payment provider, coin payments.
Credit card is also accepted as a third-party payment provider that allows you to buy bitcoin and make the payment with us.
In the end, while checkout, you will receive the invoice with the address to make your payment. You need to make payment in a given time frame. If not made, the order will expire. Please do not make any payments through expired invoices as we do not guarantee that amount will go through. We are not responsible for the amount which is made through an expired invoice.

What delivering methods do we offer?

We use our own established fulfilment and dispatch services to make sure your order gets delivered as soon as possible

How long the shipping takes?

On average, we expect delivery to be done within 12-21 days, depending upon the location.

When will you get the tracking number?

We usually provide tracking numbers within 24 to 48 hours. If the request is made toward the end of the week, at that point, we send tracking numbers on Monday. Tracking numbers might take 72 hours to generate

Will you require to sign for the parcel?

We do not require your sign for the package, but some postal services might ask for it. But don’t worry, there is no risk factor in it.

What if you miss the delivery?

If you miss the delivery, you need to contact the nearest local post office. Local post office holds your package for 5 working days if not collected
the parcel returns to the sender. We are not responsible if parcel returns to our warehouse. Thus you make sure you pick up the parcel within 5 days.

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